Desmond Myers: 

Based in Atlanta, GA

Genre: #Pop #R&B # Electronic

"A fabulous and heady mixture of musical progressivism and nostalgia...

Desmond earned his stripes making music on both sides of the Atlantic, and it shows; he wears those two schools of thought on his sleeve and builds his own musical landscape..." - BETC POP  (GENERAL POP)

"Desmond's powerful, emotive voice and inspired piano playing, sit effortlessly next to surgical pop sensibilities." - TSUGI

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While growing up on small farm in rural North Carolina, Desmond learned to appreciate blues and rock music from his late father.

As a teenager he became fascinated with southern hip hop, R&B, and electronic dance music. His sound today is an amalgamation of these sounds.


After high school Desmond spent his early adult years in Paris, France where he worked as a ghostwriter for many artists, most notably the band Her


In 2017 he released the EP Brothers and Fathers whose breakout single "Vinyl Collection" was included on a number of Spotify playlists, including "Discover Weekly."


In 2018 he settled in Atlanta, Georgia to focus on his solo career and started his #singleofthemonth campaign which he sees him releasing new music to his fans every month. 

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Desmond Myers