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Brothers and Fathers / Hydrangeas Vinyl

Brothers and Fathers / Hydrangeas Vinyl

$20.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price
  • This is a special edition vinyl release of my two EP's "Brothers and Fathers (2017)" and "Hydrangeas (2018)."

    The projects will be cut on 12" black vinyl with full color printed labels, inner sleeves with liner notes and features special edition cover artwork handmade artwork by Lamichael.

    Brothers and Fathers features six tracks and was written in 2017. The breakout single "Vinyl Collection" was featured on Spotify's "Discover Weekly" it's a record about my family, and my roots, particularly my late fathers influence on my music career.

    Hydrangeas is a five song EP that was released piecemeal throughout the summer of 2018.


    Side A: "Brothers and Fathers (2017)"

    1. 010.JPG

    2. Vinyl Collection

    3. Brothers and Fathers

    4. Mr Doubt

    5. Go Away

    6. I Know What I'm Agreeing To

    Side B: "Hydrangeas (2018)"

    1. VHS (Best Life Today)

    2. Cicadas

    3. Hydrangeas

    4. GMAB

    5. Better Days

    Includes  high-quality download in MP3, FLAC.

    ships out within 2 days

    edition of 300 

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