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Villa Contrabband Album


Villa Contrabband was written mostly in the summer, after long conversations with semi-strangers somewhere in Italy. The songs are inspired by antiquity, italian women, Couchsurfing, and the altruism of young people.

It was recorded in Regensburg, Germany with a small lineup up very resourceful, dedicated DIY'ers, to whom I owe endless tribute: They were:

Sebastian 'Basti' Braun: Bass Guitar, Keyboards 
Johannes Preßl: Drums, Percussion
Markus Beer: Engineer, Percussion, Backing Vocals 
Michael Falter: Viola 
Me: I wrote the lyrics and music to these song and arranged them with the fellas above. I also played the guitars. 
Philipp Niklas: 'Contrabband' Provider (ie, mics)

I hope you like it, if you do, it'd be great if you'd help me out and purchase a copy. For the moment you can get it on i-Tunes: 

Or I can send you a copy directly to your front door. Just send me an email @ contact@desmondmyers.com. Thanks, you'll be helping me a lot. 
And no, I've never been to Portugal.