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Desmond Myers returns with “Playing with Fire” 

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter and former Her collaborator Desmond Myers follows up his colorful string of singles from 2018 with his deepest and moodiest track to date. 

“Playing with Fire” Is a sultry temptation ballad with Desmond pushing his higher register front and center over beds of velvety synths and aching guitars.



 “The song is about temptation and the destructive force it can be in a relationship. It’s one of those things that you sort of take one look and you’re already in too deep.”

The track's sparse instrumentation and cavernous drums build to a truly memorable chorus, with Desmond bearing down to reach high into the upper limits of his falsetto range. The video, featuring French artist Amoué, evokes the sensual and elusive nature of temptation, with Amoué shadow dancing in an abandoned home by day, contrasted with Desmond performing by night, lit only by a dim flame. 

Desmond is an artist who’s lived many lives whether it’s as a ghostwriter living in Paris, a two year stint as the lead vocalist for the Lido de Paris or touring Germany straight out of high school - he says his marriage was the thing that tethered him to the ground.


“I’m pretty much a homebody and that’s a nature that is a little bit incompatible with being a musician, let alone living abroad. My partner and I always found ways to make a home wherever we were. That transient sort of lifestyle however creates a situation where this other person begins to mean a lot more to you - they are truly your family in that way and you don’t betray your family.”

Indeed the song turns it's own sensual nature against the listener - warning against falling in to deep. As silky strings usher in the bridge Desmond says "how much I want it  / puts me in touch with  / everything I need to know" the track's moodiness is a trap. Don't get burned. 

"Playing with Fire" - initially available only on YouTube - is the first in a string of singles Desmond will bedropping over the next few months in junction with a European tour slated for early 2020.